Lifestyle Changes That May Help A Person To Prevent Being Gassy (Flatulence)


Releasing gas is a natural process, but it can be very embarrassing when the urge comes too often. A normal person may fart up to 13 to 23 times in a day..


Some gas we produce may be odourless, while some may be offensive depending on the type of food we ate.

Flatulence may be caused by the type of food we eat, the eating manners, smoking, sedentary lifestyle,and some medical conditions.

Let's see the lifestyle habits that can help us to reduce or help us to prevent being gassy. Remember that this does not mean not passing out gas but reducing the rate at which it is done.

1. Eat slowly.

Eating slowly is a eating habit that can help to reduce the rate at which a person passes out gas. Some of the gas that we pass out we're swallowed when we were eating.

2. Don't swallow very large quantities.

Taking your food slowly and swallowing moderate quantities at a time is a good habit that may help very seriously with the issue of farting.

3. Avoid foods that your system does not tolerate.

People are intolerant to different types of food. The food you are intolerant to may cause you to have diarrhea or make you to fart etc.

4. Engage in physical exercise.

Exercise can help to make our system to remove a lot of waste easily thereby reducing the accumulation of gas in the body.

5. Quit Smoking.

Some of the gas that is released through the anus were swallowed as smoke. So if a person quits smoking,such gases will not be swallowed anymore.

6. Prevent constipation.

Some flatulence occur as a result of constipation. When a lot of waste that were supposed to be removed from our body are still there as a result of constipation, they may cause flatulence.

7. Don't eat chewing gum.

Chewing gums may cause flatulence. So avoiding chewing gums is one way of reducing the chances of being gassy.

These unreleased waste products may form gas and begin to come out. So treat constipation If you have one.

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