Living with PCOS: Importance of adding magnesium in your diet



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Magnesium has been known to ease PMS symptoms, reduce pain and inflammation, and promote better sleep, all of which are common symptoms of PCOS. However, the most important benefit of magnesium for women with PCOS is that it lowers insulin levels in the body.

Here are reasons why you should include magnesium in your diet if you have PCOS

1 Improves insulin resistance


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Magnesium helps improve insulin sensitivity in the body by unlocking your cells to absorb glucose which will regulate your blood glucose level and insulin levels preventing symptoms like weight gain, excess androgen, and excess sugar cravings.

2 Regulates the mood


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Women with PCOS often suffer from mood swings and magnesium contains components that produce serotonin which is a hormone that boosts the mood and relieves anxiety.

3 Improves sleep


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Magnesium aids in the activation of mechanisms that keep you quiet and relaxed and it plays a key part in your nervous system. It may also aid in the relief of anxiety and sadness both of which can disrupt sleep.

4 Lowers blood pressure


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High blood pressure is common in women with PCOS and magnesium can help reduce it because it produces nitric oxide which is a molecule that helps the blood vessels relax.

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