Man Reveals Mystery Behind Powerful Lake Whose Fish are Forbidden to Eat, Says Prayers are Answered there


A Nigerian man identified as Ojedele Adebayo has explained the mystery behind Sogidi Lake in Awe, a town in Oyo state.

In a video interview with BBC Yoruba, Adebayo said it has been a taboo to eat the fish in the lake since 1750, adding that whoever tries it is inviting problems to themselves.

Sogidi Lake is in Awe, a town in Oyo state
Ojedele Adebayo says prayers are answered at Sogidi Lake.
Photo credit: BBC Yoruba
Source: Facebook

According to him, there are fish that have human heads in the lake and they have been there for many years.

A soldier killed the fish

He said in 1973, a soldier that killed the fish in Sogidi Lake lost three of his children within seven days.

In his words:

“In 1973, after the end of the Nigerian civil war, soldiers were deployed to Awe, they had barracks in Awe and Oyo Town. One of the soldiers killed the fish in the lake without telling anyone. He lost three of his children within seven days.”

He said people must remove their footwear before stepping into the lake.

According to Adebayo, the water in the lake is drinkable and there has not been an incidence of cholera since people have been drinking it.

He said anyone who prays in the lake will have their prayers answered.

Nigerian man says a river in Ondo cures barrenness

In similar news, a Nigerian man simply identified as Paul has claimed that a river in Idanre, Ondo state, cures barrenness and many diseases.

It is called Arun River and is located in a valley between two mountain ranges of the Idanre hills.

According to Paul, a lot of people have testified to the power of the river in solving problems.


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