Marry According To Your Pocket Not According To Your Proposed In-laws Greed – Reno Omokri


Reno Omokri again has advised Men who are preparing for marriage to marry according To their capacity and according to what they can afford.

Yes, today we see many expensive marriages and many luxuries that will tempt one to borrow money and marry, many people after marriage lives in debt for a long period. We should learn to do things according to our capacity and not trying to impress or make people happy.


cb8781cd7a494988a0114914021e47f3?quality=uhq&resize=720We should also know that wedding and reception is just for a day, but marriage is a lifetime commitment. Reno Omokri reveals that if a girl's family gives you a long list to provide before you can marry their daughter, consider going to the nearest marriage registry to marry inexpensively, and if the girl refuses a registry marriage, then she may not be the one.


We should marry According to what we have, not according to your proposed in-laws' greed.

Most in-laws just want to rob you off and see you dry off, their greed for money is so much that they will want to use it on you.

Therefore, do not concur with their greed, instead go to the nearest registry and get married inexpensively.


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