Mastitis in breastfeeding: causes and symptoms


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Mastitis is a swelling or lump in the breast that is accompanied by discomfort, tenderness, and redness. Acute mastitis is a typical complication for new mothers within three months of birth and sometimes it can affect both breasts.

Mastitis in new mothers is caused by bacteria from the baby's mouth infiltrating the milk ducts of the breast through fine cracks in the nipples while breastfeeding. Mastitis can also be caused by clogged milk ducts as a result of insufficient nursing. A baby may not be able to empty the mother's breast in one feeding for a variety of reasons and when milk builds up in the breast it causes mastitis.


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 Here are signs that you may have mastitis

1. The most common sign is the growth of a hard lump on the portion of the breast pointing towards the nipple which often feels tender when touched.

2. Cracked and bleeding nipples are other common symptoms and sometimes this can cause high fever and persistent breast soreness.

3. You might feel weary and achy if you have a lump in your breast and sometimes this causes flu symptoms. If a breastfeeding woman is experiencing flu-like symptoms, she is most likely suffering from mastitis.

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