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"Diabetes" a health condition that is capable of making a person lose his or her leg or any other part of the body. It is one disease that is not unique to any race but a general menace and problem to humanity. As a diabetes patient, there is need to understand that you are not the worst for suffering from this disease and it certainly doesn't mean, you will soon die.

Everything boils down to how well you manage the disease though it can be a very difficult one. So, in this article, we are going to have a look at some deeply rooted and well thought tips that you should know as a diabetes patient. If you are also not suffering from diabetes, these tips would be helpful to you as no one knows tomorrow or what the state of his or her health will be by tomorrow. Just sit tight and learn something new from this piece.

What Are The Safety Tips For Any Person Suffering From Diabetes?


1. Always Go For Checkups; I know you must be wondering in your heart, the checkup I mean; but I would like to inform you that diabetes is one disease that is capable of causing many other health problems in various parts of the human body. As a person suffering diabetes, alot of other things can always develop in your body ranging from heart issues, to eye issues and for you to be safe and free from potential harm, there is need to always run tests on yourself. One of the most necessary tests is your blood sugar test, this is because the sugar level can always jump and can also drop below what the body needs. So you must be abreast with what your blood sugar level is at all times.


Secondly, make sure you always go for eye tests because with high blood sugar level in the picture, you can always develop Cataract, glaucoma and even diabetic retinopathy which all have the potentiality to make you go totally blind. But when you are always running tests like every 6 months, you would be able to uncover these problems before.they escalate and get them treated.


2. Drink More Water, Totally Abstain From Beverages and Even Fruit Juices; it might surprise you to hear that taking fruit juices can also increase a person's blood sugar Level. Yes this is very real and also factual because most fruit juices have added sugar and are totally something different from what you will obtain when you eat the fruits directly. So make sure you embrace taking water and do away with beverages like carbonated drinks and much more because those things will pump glucose back into your blood thus causing problems to multiply and your chances of survival from the disease lowered greatly.


3. Exercise More Often; this is another safety tip you must know and take seriously as someone suffering from diabetes. This is because diabetes is one disease that gets more serious when you are not physically active and as someone suffering from it already, being active helps your body burn some of the glucose in it without having to be reliant on the insulin produced by the pancreas. So you have everything to win and nothing to lose by sacrificing atleast 20 minutes daily on exercising and even when you are not string enough for exercises, you can just take a walk but in all ensure you don't sit all day or relax all day to avoid worsening your condition.


4. Don't Abstain From Carbohydrates But Eat Complex Carbs; most health websites and specialists will tell you to completely abstain from carbs but this is not healthy. This is because carbohydrates provide the fuel for the body to keep going and functioning effectively. So cutting off carbs would mean you will be less strong for activities and might even fall below the glucose level requires by the body if you keep taking your diabetes medication without taking carbs. What you should do instead is consume complex carbs that slowly break down in the blood stream like oats and some other safe foods for people suffering diabetes.


5. Sleep When Necessary; this is another tip that will certainly be beneficial to anyone suffering from diabetes. Most times we stay awake due to our engagements and source of livelihood but this is totally pointless if your health is nothing to write home about. Staying awake late at night would lead to release of stress hormones like cortisol and many other things that will ultimately upset the body, making the blood sugar level jump to unexpected and unwanted levels. So make sure you sleep well but don't sleep too much in the process. An average of 6-8 hours is enough for an adult.


6. Take Your Diabetes Medication Seriously; now this is another part that can't be left out in anyway. If you are suffering from diabetes, your doctor or personal medical specialist must prescribe some medications that will help bring down your blood sugar level when it starts getting higher and higher but if you don't take it seriously, you risk killing yourself. It is for this reason that I advise seriously that you take your medications seriously no matter the lifestyle changes you make, let your medications be part of your plans for your own good and safety.

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