Meet the lady with the ‘biggest lips in the world’ [Photos]


A understudy, who claims to have the “biggest lips in the world” subsequent having lip fillers, has revealed that she plans on having more surgery.

23-year-old Andrea Ivanova, from Bulgaria, first had hyaluronic acid fillers in 2018 and now gets a top up every single month.

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She told the Daily Star: “I really like more voluminous and big lips and I really wanted to see how they will look on my face, and get I like it much more with much bigger lips.

“I have 25 injections of hyaluronic acid in my lips at the moment, I have not calculated how much money I have spent in total, an injection of hyaluronic acid here in Bulgaria costs 400 leva (about 200 pounds per 1 injection).”

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To get 25 injections, the lip filler addict spends around £5,000.



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