Men, Here Are 3 Things That May Show That Your Private Organ Is Healthy


Just like other parts of the body, the private organ is very important and should be well taken care of. The private organ is a very sensitive area and if it is exposed to harmful things, it may get damaged. To have a healthy organ, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be free from infections. There are some things that can affect your private organ health, and they include; STD, erectile dysfunction, cancer and not practicing proper hygiene.


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This article will look at three things that may show, that a man's private organ is healthy. They include the following:

1. No pains during intimacy or urination

Your private organ may be considered healthy, if you don't feel pains when you get intimate with your partner, or when you are urinating. When you experience pains in your private organ, it may be caused by infection. You should visit a doctor when you feel pains during intimacy, or when you are urinating.


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2. When there is no discharge coming out of your private organ

A healthy private organ will not have any form of abnormal discharge, coming out from it. When you experience a discharge coming out from your private organ, then something is wrong. The discharge may be watery, bloody or it might contain pus. This may be caused by a urinary tract infection, or an STD like gonorrhea.

3. When you don't have a sore on your private organ

A sore is a painful wound that might appear on the skin. Once you don't have a sore on your private organ, then it is a sign that it is healthy. A sore on the private organ can occur due to transmitted diseases, gotten through intimacy. It can be caused by genital warts, herpes, syphilis and scabies.


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Taking care of your private organ is important, so that it will function properly. It is important that you visit a doctor, if you notice anything strange with your private organ.


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