Moment Christian Woman Reunited With Her Kind Muslim Roommate Who Fed Her During Their NYSC Years Ago

A Christian woman, Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha, has shared a lovely story about her Muslim friend, Aishat Mukalia that shows that sharing love is important.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, May 25, the woman wrote about how she met Aishat during her service year at the time she was hard-pressed for accommodation.

Their story inspired a lot of people online.
Powerful pictures captured the moment the friends reunited.
Photo source: Elder Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha
Source: Facebook

She revealed that prior to the encounter with Aishat, she has always had bias beliefs against the Muslims but all that drastically changed.

How did they meet?

When Abiodun resumed her PPA, she could not get a place to stay as all accommodation spaces were filled and her only hope of getting a slot was tied to someone who was vacating soon.

When Aishat offered that she could stay with her, the woman was hesitant as she hoped a Christian corps member would take her in instead, but that one never helped.

Staying with Aishat

Becoming Aishat’s roommates gave her an angel during service. On many mornings, the Muslim lady would have done all her chores in the house, including washing her clothes.

During her financially hard times, Aishat noticed without Abiodun telling her and she helped the woman by feeding her.

When the woman shared the story in May, she said that she had lost contact with the woman and would love to reconnect.

Within 24 hours, someone who later happened to be Aishat’s husband connected them both. After much chatting with each other, the two lovely friends finally met and the reunion was great

On Friday, July, Abiodun shared beautiful photos of their reunion. About it, she partly wrote:

“There was nothing awkward. It was as though we had not parted….”


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