More Things To Note About Holes In The Heart


Everyone was born with a hole within the chambers of the heart. The hole plays a vital role in the life and development of the unborn baby as it directs the oxygenated blood from the placenta of the mother to the fetus’s (baby’s) brain and heart. This means that hole in the heart is always present at birth. This hole closes at first year after birth. As the child grows, small holes tend to close up too. In a condition where the holes didn’t close by 10 years after birth, the holes are most unlikely to close up on their own. This is when it becomes a problem because a hole in the heart increases the amount of flow of blood through the lungs when it should have been closed.0bfb13655cd0453390140a0f509f6c0c?quality=uhq&resize=720

Adults may also develop hole in the heart rwhen complex hole during childhood is repaired and needs further treatment in adulthood. It can also occur as a result of hole with no symptoms in early life which later developed symptoms.3366991804f64400986d356d90cc6dad?quality=uhq&resize=720

Hole in the heart can be caused by the following: malformation of the heart during heart development in foetal life, smoking, Down’s syndrome or genetic disorder.

How can hole in the heart be recognised? It can be recognised by the signs experienced by the affected and they are:

Feeling easily tired when feeding (mostly experienced by babies with the complication), skipped heartbeats or feeling the heartbeats, difficulty in breathing, stroke, lungs infection, shortness of breath, heart murmur.

Babies with such complications should be placed on extra nutrition which can be by high nutritional formula, breast milk, bottle feeding, etcb4f0c800ebca41eea4cef2459aec553b?quality=uhq&resize=720

Adults who experience some of the above listed signs should visit a hospital for checkup and treatment.b62813418cec4ff080fd7db26209c8c6?quality=uhq&resize=720

Remember, holes in the heart can be serious and may be life threatening in serious untreated cases.

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