Must Read: 5 Things That Hinders Trust In A Relationship


Trust is very important in every relationship because it is the virtue that holds couples all together even in trying times. There are things that we do that have a way of breaking the layers of trust in a relationship.
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A person can love you very much but may not trust you and that may affect the relationship that you share with the person. In this article, I will be sharing the things that hinder Trust in relationships.
1. Lying: lying is the ability not to tell the truth, it can manifest in many ways in a relationship but in whichever form it exists, it hinders trust in any relationship; a couple should be truthful to one another as that builds a relationship better.

2. Inability to keep your promises: when people fail to keep their promises, the titer of our trust in them reduces, this is because the likelihood of holding them accountable by their words no longer works and we may tend not to believe them anymore.
3. Keeping people in the dark: when people are living their lives on their own and keeping other people even their spouse in the dark, it becomes a problem and it’s one of the things that hinders trust in relationships.
4. Living a double life: it’s hard for people to trust individuals that love double life, those that are hard to predict. A double life is an act of living differently in different places.

In conclusion, love and trust are two ingredients that walk together just like banana and groundnut go together. You may have not reached the potential of your relationship because of issues of trust but if you can make up your mind today and change, you can have better days ahead.


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