My Ex Boyfriend’s Mother Called Off My Wedding Because I Have No Hair – Jasmine


BBC Pidgin took us into the life of a beautiful young lady suffering from a condition known as “Alopecia Totalis”. The condition is complete baldness. Click the link below to watch the video.

According to the young lady who is identified as JasmeOgubbodede, she started losing her hair 15 years ago when she was in the University. She has lived with the condition since then. Jasmine revealed that she has been called a lot of names by people due to her lack of hair, she further said that some people called her a witch because she had no hair.


Jasmine shared her experience of how her wedding was called off just a few days before her introduction. She said her boyfriend was someone who always confided in the mother so she decided to tell his mother of her condition before her son did. The mother agreed to keep it a secret only to tell her daughters later. Jasmine said her ex-boyfriend’s sisters always mocked her whenever they saw her and that made the mother of the man she wanted to marry call off their wedding due to fear of the unknown.


Jasmine further shared how she coped with the condition in her everyday life, she said whenever she was going out she usually goes out wearing a wig to avoid creating unnecessary attention but she does not wear a wig if she is at home.


Jasmine said she started a foundation called Heroics Alopecia foundation to help educate about alopecia and to minimize the stigmatization of people suffering from Alopecia. Aside from running the foundation, Jasmine is also a creative artist and textile designer.

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