"My Ex-Lover Left Because I was Making Money than Him, He Thought I won't Respect Him" – Lilian Says


The only female welder in Ebonyi State, Lilian Igwe has opened on her first relationship. She told BBC News Pidgin in an exclusive interview that her first lover felt intimidated the way her welding business was fetching her money.


Photo Credit: BBC News Pidgin

Lilian told BBC News Pidgin that she completed her Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) before she started training on to join two iron together. She said the first time she went to enrol for the training, her boss complained that she might not be able to cope.


Before I became a welder to reckon with in Ebonyi State, I do beg people to give me work to do. Now, I have established myself as a top-notch welder in Ebonyi State; said Lilian.

She said many people do come to her workshop to take pictures of latest design and present it to their clients. She expressed that there is no job man can do, woman cannot do. 

"I was accused by many why I resolved to acquire welding skills but I don't regret. I am flourishing in the business. I started in 2017 and I have up to 10 trainees currently at my workshop. I took interest in the welding because I love the job that will keep me busy all through".

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