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Intestinal worms or parasites are a class of living organisms that feed off nutrients and energy from their host. They can dwell in the digestive tract, multiply, and cause inflammation and other side effects. However, some foods can deworm or get rid of these parasites naturally. In this article, the natural foods that deworms the body will be discussed.

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Natural Foods That Deworms The Body:

1 Sun flower seeds

2 Raw honey: it contains antibacterial properties that fight against pathogens

3 Garlic: its widely known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial property

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4 Onions: it contains various sulphur metabolites that inhibit compounds inside parasites

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5 Carrots, coconut and turmeric: They fight against parasites

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6 Pumpkin seeds: it contains compound that are effective against nematode and tapeworms.They help to paralyze parasites

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7 Papaya seeds: it helps to clear intestinal worms. It is mostly effective when mixed with honey.

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