Natural remedies for excessive Sweating


Sweating and the activity of the sweat glands are considered natural. However, sometimes as a result of the increased activity of these glands, a bad odor develops.



Here are some natural ways to prevent the smell of sweat:

1. Lemon juice – It is enough to rub a few drops of lemon under your armpits, which you drip into your palm. This method is effective for at least 12 hours.

2. 1 spray bottle, apple cider vinegar, water – Take a little more apple cider vinegar than water. Fill both into a spray bottle and shake. It is enough to use it once or twice a day. Even if you sweat, you will not smell for about 8 hours.

3. Mix lemon and apple cider vinegar, soak in a cotton ball and rub under the armpits. If you have a complaint such as underarm darkening, lemon drops will help lighten the color.

– Research Credit (WebMd, HomeRemedy)

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