Nigerian Man Shares Facebook DM he Got from a Stranger after Changing Profile Picture to his Wife’s Own [See Photo]

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A legal luminary has sent social media into a mixed frenzy after someone messaged him because he replaced his profile picture on Facebook with his wife’s.

The man named Firsts Baba Isa shared a screenshot of the Facebook chat and asked his friends hilariously if it is what women go through.

Nigerians react as man stuns the internet with DM he got after changing profile to wife's own
The stranger sent him an unsolicited message
Photo Credit: Firsts Baba Isa
Source: Facebook

He captioned it:

“Na wa o, is this what women go through?


“I changed my profile picture to that of Firstlady now now o, and I don turn “Hii Beauty”.”

From the chat he shared, the unidentified personality started the conversation with ‘Hii beauty’ to which he clapped back, ‘My friend shattap… My profile picture is my wife.. No be only ”Hii beauty.”

Funny reactions trailed the post

Social media users found it hilarious and relatable as many shared similar experiences as they decried the unsolicited interaction from strangers which is becoming quite a norm.

Kotty-Ekapong Sunny Iyamba wrote:

“You don’t want to know what we go through bro.

“Some will disturb, when you eventually open the chat, you will notice he has been chatting you from 3years back and no response and he still continues.”

Chukwu Dumebi said:

“If I send u my inbox u will pity me.

“Even wen Dey knw u r married Dey shamelessly disturb u fr no reason.”

Adah Daniel Miracle reacted:

“Hi angel! Can we get to interact better in your DM? Cos your beauty can make Isaac Newton make a U turn.

“Ladies dey try sha.”

Nicholas Felix stated:

“Please I don do for una … make una leave men alone… what of women nko? Una know as the saying goes..MEN ARE MOVED BY WHAT THEY SEE AND WOMEN ARE MOVED BY WHAT THEY HEAR…so when we see something good what do you expect?”

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