Nigerian Man Surprises Young Street Seller, Buys All Her Wares, Gifts Extra 10k for the Girl’s Mother


A Nigerian man has put smiles on the faces of sellers and street hawkers on a busy road and thus, earned the praises of people on social media.

The man started off with a young girl who sold wares. In a video he shared on Facebook, Mc Allamano engaged the girl in a conversation and learnt that she was mandated to sell all the wares for 4k but had only sold 1k worth of items.

Reactions as stranger buys all the wares of street seller, gives her additional 10k for her widow mum

To the youngster’s surprise, Mc Allamano bought all the wares for 5k. Upon learning that the girl is fatherless, he gave an additional 10k for her mum.

In another scene, he bought all sachet water sold by a young boy. The kindhearted man went on to donate all the purchases he made to an orphanage.

People praise the kindhearted man

Mc Allamano generous act was hailed by people on social media, others called on well-meaning individuals to take cue from the man in imparting lives around them.

Michael Yohanna Nadukku remarked:

“This is what Cornelius was doing and God notice him… The God of heaven whom make Cornelius and his households to be save bcux of generous heart, will notice you in all area of your life…amen.”

Sarah Odee wrote:

“I’m emotional and same time inspired. Helping people who can’t pay you back is priceless,this is the beauty of life.

“Givers don’t lack. Well done sir and God bless you richly.”

Asaana Aisha said:

“This man will never lack and may Allah grand him Hannah that is all I can say he is not doing show but he is trying to teach the rich men what they should have been doing.”

Akubata Victoria Ilechukwu commented:

“This is the type of people God is looking for in Nigeria and in whole world oo. We still have good ones God will bless you real good my son.”

Westly Mensah stated:

“I love this man. Sir!! God will bless you more. No matter what you say about or against him, his blessings will keep raining like August rain. Keep on sir. May God grand you more Grace sir.”


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