Please hand her to the Police – Wale reacts to the photo of a girl, whose hands are tied at her back

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Photos have a way of passing a message to people even without the photo, carrying any kind of caption on it. With the way the world is right now, people easily understand any message being passed through a photo.

A photo of a young lady whose hands were tied behind her back got people talking as very many reactions came from people, on why she could be tied that way.


Amongst them was Wale Adetona who quickly pleaded that she shouldn’t be hurt but rather, should be taken to the police station after he asked what the girl did.


People believe he sounded quite sarcastic with such reply, as they went on to say that the girl could actually be enjoying herself in such position, other than pains that it looked like.

See reactions below:


Jungle justice has been a practice by very many people especially in the public glare. This happens mostly whenever someone steals something in the public and the mob, in their bid to get quick justice do resort to beating up the victim and sometimes do tie him or her up before the act is carried out.

According to Wale Adetona, this could be the reason why she’s tied that way even though many people didn’t think so.

However, avoid taking laws into your hand and learn to hand over any individual that commits a great crime to the police.

Secondly, beware of where you are or places you go to due to the insecurity issues around.

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