Possible Reasons Why People Snore

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Snoring is described as a loud or rough noise that occurs as airflow through relaxed tissues in your throat, making the tissue vibrate when you breathe. 

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If you have told or you know that you snore, below are possible reasons why it happens to you. 

1. Excessive Weight 

Plus-size persons know this. Obesity often causes snoring. It's common with plus-size individuals. Being overweight causes the toned muscle to be weak and raises the tissue around the neck and throat which later results in snoring while sleeping. 

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2 Drinking Alcohol 

With a lot of alcohol in your system, your throats muscles relax, increasing the chances of snoring when sleeping. Your throat and airways slacken when you sleep, causing vibration when you breathe. 

3. Sleeping Position 

Sometimes sleeping position causes snoring. When you're told that you snore when you take a particular sleeping position. Change that position when next you want to sleep. 

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4. Nasal Problems 

According to Mayo Clinic, you have higher chances of snoring when you have a structural defect in your airway, which causes deviated septum, or constant inflammation of your nose. 

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