Primate Ayodele told Yoruba nation agitators that Guru Maharaji Ji will lead them to failure


Primate Ayodele, the head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has advised Sunday Adeyemo, better known as Igboho, a Yoruba liberation warrior, against associating with Sat Guru Maharaji Ji of One Love Family.


Igboho’s purported engagement with Guru Maharaji Ji, according to Primate Ayodele, will result in his inability to realise the Yoruba nation.

He advised Igboho to contact God rather than Maharaji Ji, who he claimed was not a man of God.

During the launch of his 2021 edition of his annual book “Warnings To The Nations,” the priest addressed in his church.

And Guru Maharaji Ji is a nobody to me; I do not regard him as a man of God, and I do not believe he has the qualifications to be God.

“So if someone identifies with Guru Maharaji Ji, he will be without guidance.

Instead of depending on a normal guy, Guru Maharaji Ji, who claims to be God but is not and is not even a prophet, he should have done his research properly.


I would venture to argue that associating with Guru Maharaji Ji is an Igboho failing in realising Yoruba nation.”

Maharaj ji just announced himself to be Igboho’s spiritual father.


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