Quick Ways To Identify Stroke


Many of us have heard of stroke, have you really thought of what it really means? Stroke is a medical emergency that occurs as a result of a reduction in the amount of blood supply to part of the brain.5075b2fb8d1d4df78036be45814ecafb?quality=uhq&resize=720

It is of two major types: Haemorrhagic and Ischemic stroke

Haemorrhagic stroke occurs in the skull when a blood vessel bursts and bleed into the brain. This type of stroke is less common. It can also be called Intracranial haemorrhage or cerebral haemorrhage. Haemorrhagic stroke is majorly caused by high blood pressure. This is because high blood pressure causes the arteries in the brain to become weak and their chances of rupturing becomes high.4bae74ad079a4ed6a71258e00c54dead?quality=uhq&resize=720

Stress, overweight, excessive intake of alcohol, smoking and less frequent exercise practices increases the risk of high blood pressure.

Ischemic stroke is the most common of the two major strokes. This is because as you age, your arteries becomes naturally narrower. Ischemic stroke occurs as a result of the blockage of flow of oxygen and blood to the brain by clotted blood. Clotted bloods occur in narrow arteries or blocked arteries by fatty deposits.ec6fbb06c2234da2a32d6bf62f55c723?quality=uhq&resize=720dc629bab2954444bbf33d01f3f1acf94?quality=uhq&resize=720

Ischemic stroke can be caused by irregular heartbeats which causes blood clots in heart which breaks and move into the blood vessels that supply to the brain. Obesity, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes also increases the risk of Ischemic stroke.

How to spot a stroke fast

Sudden speech difficulty, difficulty in seeing in one or both eyes, difficulty in walking, sudden dizziness, sudden numbness and face drooping. When you notice all of these, you should go to the hospital to get treatment before it reaches the paralysis stage.

It is possible for you to reduce the risk of having stroke if you change your lifestyle and take more of fruits.

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