Reacting Violently When You Find Out That Your Partner Is Cheating On You Won't Make Things Better



Many times in Nigeria, we hear about how couples fight or retort to other means of violence when they start suspecting that their partner is not loyal. Do you think violence's the best way to solve infidelity?

When you first catch your partner cheating, the first thing that will happen to you is heartbreak. You might even have attacks, based on your mental health, but what is more important is how you react to it.

Knowing how to react when you are pushed to a point of anger is golden. If you choose to react in a violent way, that might only result in more problems, some of which will affect you in the long run.

Nigerian men are known for their lack of patient in most situations like this, so in most cases of infidelity, violence is always what follows, and that might lead to premature death, bruises, more heartbreak, or permanent wounds.


As a Nigerian, instead of reacting violently when you find out that your spouse is cheating on you, you should try to walk out and cool your mind first, because seeing him at that moment might make anger take over.

You should try to think in a way that'll favour you well. If you think your spouse is not good enough for you anymore after he cheats on you, let him know, and let go of the relationship as staying in it might build your anger.

As a Nigerian, the frustrations you will face on the streets will be much. It is advisible to attend marriage preparing seminars, and to try to fix your anger issues, in order to make you ready for marriage.

Marriage is not a bed of roses. As a man, you should know that there will be ups and downs in the union. What matters is not how you love yourself, but how you react when your partner makes a mistake.

What do you think?

. How would you react if you find out that your wife/husband is cheating?


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