Reactions as Lere Olayinka writes a beautiful wish to celebrate his beautiful Wife's birthday.


Love is indeed a beautiful thing, it makes more sense if one is married to his/her friend. It is also a good thing to be celebrating the achievements of one's partners when it comes. This is the case of Lere Olayinka and his wife.

Few minutes ago, an active member of People's Democratic Party, a seasoned journalist and also the former assistant to Ekiti state governor on news media, Lere Olayinka has taken to his official verified facebook page to celebrate the managing Director of his home and his wife for adding another year today.

In his post, Lere Olayinka said he is indeed short of words and all he can do is just to celebrate. However, he dropped a emotional and prayer message for her which reads "My Abegbe is a year younger today. No long story. No long anything.

Just to thank God for sustaining you and keeping you alive for us. He has indeed been faithful.

Happy Birthday to the Managing Director of my home. More years in good health LOVE."d0a64a4c847f4f74907069f514060de7?quality=uhq&resize=720

Although, Lere Olayinka did not reveal the age of his wife but according to him, he said he is so happy to be celebrating her.

So many facebook users who have seen Lere Olayinka's facebook post has engaged the post by celebrating Abegbe, and sending so beautiful wishes to her via the comment section. See what few of them are saying;


Happy Birthday Abegbe.22ac79d3e7fc4fc3b68fe061f6f37469?quality=uhq&resize=720

Source: Lere Olayinka's Facebook page .

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