Reno Omokri Advice Men On What To Do When In-Laws Present Long Marriage List


abd0eea98c4f47659db296cd226e7fa5?quality=uhq&resize=720Reno Omokri has reacted to reports of in-laws providing a long list of items to buy before marriage. In his recent tweet, he told me the next step they're should take if presented with a lot of items to buy before marriage. 

Reno advised men that if presented with such a list, they should go to the nearest marriage registry to marry inexpensively. He said that if the lady refuses a simple wedding that is not expensive, then she is not the right woman to marry. 

Furthermore, he advised men to marry base on their wealth or capacity, according to their proposed in-laws' greed.

Read his full tweet below


He wrote, “If a girl’s family give you a long list to provide before you can marry her, consider going to the nearest marriage registry to marry inexpensively. If she refuses, she may not be the one. Marry according to your pocket, not according to your proposed in-law's greed”

What can you say about his advice to men who are about to marry?

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