Romantic Names You Should Call Your Girlfriend/Wife That Will Make Her Smile


Relationships are built on trust, love and understanding. It is also built on fun and interesting things you get to do with the person you love. Pet names or generally romantic names are one way of spicing up a relationship.


This will make both partners to know each other more and build love between the duo. In this article, I am going to be talking about some romantic names you should call your girlfriend/wife that will make her love you more.

1. My Love

This is one pet name used in both the modern and olden era. It is a name that portrays almost every thing you feel for a person with only two word.

2. My Darling

My Darling is not a recent romantic name but it is still a romantic and loving name you can tell your lover.

3. Boss Lady

This is a romantic name you can give that your lady that always loves bossing you around.

4. Cutie pie

This is a romantic name that is very popular around the world. It is either used for people whose relationship is still at the girlfriend/boyfriend stage. It could also be used for people that are married.

5. Babe

Babe is also a trendy romantic name that most couples that are dating use in referring to one another.

6. My One and Only

This can be a name you used on her when she is offended at you. It will surely make her smile.

7. Beautiful

This is a common romantic name but it still works.

8. My princess

Most ladies feel Special when you say this to them.

9. My Golden Queen

Sometimes making a lady love you more is not by just saying a single word but making a loving expression like this.

10. My sunshine

This has proven to work a number of times.

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