Run Away If Your Man Says He Will Buy A Car For His Mother Before He Buys For His Wife- Freeze Says



Daddy Freeze took to his Instagram account yesterday to talk about a controversial topic that generated a lot of reactions.

Daddy Freeze advised women to run away from any man that is of the opinion that he would buy a car for his mother first before he buys for his wife. Daddy Freeze made this statement while reacting to a tweet about a man that bought a car for his mother and did not buy for his pregnant wife that treks on a daily basis.

Daddy Freeze said that a wife should always come first, backing his opinion with verses from the Bible. He quoted Bible verses from the book of 1Timothy, Proverbs and Matthew. Freeze said a man should invest in his future and not his past by making his children and wife his utmost priority. He said a man should do otherwise if he wants to suffer.

Concluding his statement, Daddy Freeze agreed that a man should buy a car for his mother by all means, but it should not be at the expense of his wife and children.

Read what Daddy Freeze said below.





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