Salt Is Good, But Check Out How Much Of Salt You Need And Why

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A lot have been written about the possible side effects of salt in our body. Many people may be confused because we all were made to believe that salt was essential for our body.

Now the question is do we need salt in our body? If yes, how much of it do we need? What are the possible side effect of taking too much salt? This article will try to find answers to these questions.


Salt is good for our body. It helps the body to maintain fluid balance. That means that it helps the body to determine how much water will be in the blood and how much should be removed as urine.

You can see how important it is in the body. But even good things should also be regulated that is what we have learned from nature. In the absence of salt, the heart, liver and kidneys may not perform very well.

What happens if our body lacks salt? Salt is made up of two components- sodium and chlorine, but most of the time when we are talking about salt consumption,we are referring to sodium.

If the body lacks sodium,it will result in a a condition characterized by weakness, dizziness, and seizures.

This condition normally occur when some children has poorly managed cholera or diarrhea.

But it is not only through added salt that we can get sodium in our body. Sodium is present in all the canned foods we eat.

When you take canned soups, tomatoes, meat etc, you are already taking so much sodium.

What about too much salt? Too much of everything is bad including too much of salt. However the body has a way of regulating the amount of sodium in the body of healthy people.

Too much salt may increase our blood pressure and affect our heart adversely. For this reason, different health bodies have issued guidelines on the amount of salt we need to be taking daily.

How much salt should we take? Different health bodies have issued guidelines demanding that salt consumption should be limited to between 1.5 g to 2.3g. This means about one teaspoonful a day.

According to health, studies have shown that taking too little sodium may not benefit healthy people. but people having blood pressure problems should reduce their salt intake.

Your doctor guideline concerning the quantity of salt you need to be taking should strictly be followed if you have high blood pressure problems.

If you are healthy too little salt may do more harm than good says the health body. In all, just be moderate in everything and also take fruits and vegetables which may supply you with potassium.

Potassium helps to regulate the removal of sodium in the body naturally.

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