See Reactions As Lady Wears The Same Outfit With Her Bolt Driver –



A coincidence can happen anywhere and at any moment, but it usually happens when we least expect it. A woman recently told me about her experiences with a bolt driver. 

An anonymous lady revealed her fantastic experience with her bolt driver in a recent video uploaded on Twitter by Naija PR. The lady revealed in the short video that she requested a bolt ride and when the driver arrived, she discovered that she and the bolt driver were wearing the identical Ankara outfit. 

Not only were the lady and the driver dressed in Ankara, but they were also wearing jean trousers in the same color. Because the lady sat in the front seat, they appeared to be a pair. She also stated that they were both single, and that the bolt driver was simply smiling as the lady was recording the video. The video can be seen here. 

A number of people remarked and responded to the video once it was confirmed and uploaded on Twitter by Naija PR. Many people advised her to marry the bolt driver. 

Some of the responses and reactions are included below.

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