Signs Of Low Blood Sugar And How To Take Care Of It


Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is often more delicate or deadly than high blood sugar though both of them are dangerous.

Low blood sugar occurs when your blood sugar reading is less than 72mg/dl. It happens more to diabetes patients who are taking medications .

Some of them may take some diabetes drugs or insulin without checking their blood sugar level leading to low sugar level in the blood.


Low blood sugar level can also happen to ordinary people who are fasting,or drunk or children who missed their dinner.

What are signs that that glucose levels in the blood has become low?

When a person's blood sugar level becomes low, the person may notice the following symptoms:

1. Weakness or fatigue

2. Feeling of shaking or trembling

3. Dizziness or fainting.

4. Tingling in the mouth.

5. Feeling hungry.

6. A fast pounding heartbeat.

7. Turning pale.

If left untreated, the person may begin to feel confused, very weak, fainting or even pass out

How to take care of it.

Immediately you notice some of these symptoms, you should take any of these things that will restore the glucose level in your blood

1. Glucose tablet or glucose gel.

2. Fruit Juice.

3.soft drink

4. Any carbohydrates containing food that can easily be assimilated into the blood stream.

Start with a glass of the sugary drink, check the blood sugar level after 10 to ,15 minutes.

If the sugar level have not improved drastically repeat the drink and wait for another ten to fifteen minutes.

If the condition improves, you may give the person a slow digesting diet.

If you are diabetic you should be careful with the quantity of these things you will take. Your goal is to restore your blood sugar level and not to advance into high blood sugar level.

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