Sound Sultan Is Dead: 5 Things to Know About Him As He Passes Away at Age 44


If the history of the Nigerian music industry were to be discussed today, Sultan’s important role would not be glossed over. He graced our TV screens with jams when there was no YouTube and Nigerians’ taste for hip hop still very much leaned towards the Western.

Sound Sultan's death has come as a great pain to many.

Mathematics (Jagbanjatics) was a big part of the childhood of many, especially those born in the 1990s. In this report, will be looking at five major things you may not know about this legend.

1. His love for music

Sound Sultan has his brother, Baba Dee, to thank for his passion in the entertainment industry. Dee studied theatre arts. After secondary school, the late musician started mastering the guitar in the 1990s.

2. He hosted shows to raise money

Like many musicians who rose from nothing to greater heights, the Jagbajatis/Mathematics master had to raise money for his studio sessions by hosting shows.

3. About the Jagbajantis/Mathematics that became many’s fav

The song was released in 2000 and it made an instant hit. He went ahead after that single and released others. Kennis Music would later sign him.

4. He once partnered with 2Face

Following the expiration of his contract with Kennis Music in 2007 where he released four albums, he collaborated with the African Queen crooner and they started an outfit called Naija Ninjas.

5. Sound Sultan was a UN ambassador

In 2012, he became an ambassador of the United Nations, an honour he got as a result of his lovely career and good lifestyle.

His trying times


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