Three People That May Need To Change To Reduce DNA Issues In Families.


I am not here to support unfaithfulness neither am I writing this to praise women who make innocent men train and care for children who are not theirs by cheating on them. We have values that must be respected when it comes to relationships.

But I am not that satisfied that people focus on women forgotten that no woman can impregnate herself. I am yet to see men in the picture of all the blame.

I think the issue of DNA may not come to an end until all those who are involved agree on ending it. So, blaming today's women alone may not be right because of the following reasons.350ad3146bbb42f69b185549aa8106ae?quality=uhq&resize=720

1. It may have started for a long time. Those who blame today's women made look like it just started in this century. But in my own opinion, these issues of women bringing another man's child to another man they are legally married to, or staying in their husband's houses and get pregnant for another man may not be a new thing. It may have been happening from the time of old. But we came to know of some of these women's infidelity because there is now technology to test and know whether a child belongs to a man or not. So, it is not just for today's women, it may have been happening for a long time.

2. Some parents forced their daughters to marry against their wills. Blaming today's women will not be perfect if you omit parents who are found of forcing their daughters to marry someone they do not love and leaving the ones they love. When a lady is in love with a particular man and her parents force her to marry another man. She may allow the man she loves so much to touch her so that she will name the child after her true love. The one that legally married her won't know what has happened. If her parents had allowed her to marry the person she loves, such a thing would not have happened. It will be hard for a lady to cheat on a man she truly loves. So, parents should be blamed for forcing their daughters against their will too.

3. Some men forced themselves on the women they married. ae1118575ab34c3aa5685872c6e21f72?quality=uhq&resize=720Some men use their money to make women leave the person they are truly in love with. When this happens, she may give birth to a child who is not yours. The habits of using money to buy parents over so that they can convince their daughter to marry you can make the lady you want to marry cheat and bring another man's child. If you must blame women, blame these types of men too.

4. Women can't impregnate themselves. 0443483bc21349d9960241ae19fb154d?quality=uhq&resize=720Finally, if men will leave married women alone, I think the issue of DNA will be a thing of the past. Some men are fond of disturbing married women even though they know that those women are married. If a lady gives in to such pressure and it results in pregnancy, she will not want to lose her marriage and so she may not tell her husband. So, if you want to blame today's women, include today's men who will be aware that a woman is married and they will still be mounting pressure on her.

In conclusion, blaming today's women for infidelity and for bringing another child into the family will not help and won't be as effective as involving these people I have mentioned above. If the issue of children does not belong to their father must come to an end, today's women, today's parents, and today's men must change, to achieve it.

These three contributed to the DNA problem we are having in our society today and it may not end without involving them.

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