Types of Hepatitis disease and how to identify them

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Hepatitis is a disease of the liver that causes the liver to inflame and scar.

This disease can be caused by several factors including exposure to infected persons, drugs, alcoholism, obesity, and other diseases.

There are five strains /types of hepatitis. They are hepatitis A-E. Though all the stains of hepatitis are known to affect the same organ which is the liver, the virus enters the body through different channels. In subsequent paragraphs, we will be discussing the types of hepatitis and their unique qualities. 

Hepatitis A (HAV) :

This type of hepatitis is often in the excrement of an infected person. Though hepatitis can be transmitted through sexual intercourse, this HAV is mostly introduced into the body when a person consumes contaminated food or water. Most likely victims of HAV are people that live in dirty environments. But the good news is that there are vaccines that help prevent the disease. 

Hepatitis B (HBV) :

HBV is one of the deadliest hepatitis viruses. It can be transmitted from a mother to her child and through exposure to bodily fluids of an infected person including blood and semen.

People who became exposed to the disease at a later age in their lives are at risk of developing chronic liver disease. Though there is no known cure for HBV, there are vaccines that help in curbing the disease. Parents are always advised to vaccinate newborns within 24 hours of their delivery. One dose of the vaccine can protect the child from the disease for a long period. 


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Hepatitis C (HCV) :

Most people that have HCV got the disease through exposure to the blood of an infected person. The HCV together with the HBV is the deadliest type of hepatitis. If not treated, HCV can cause cirrhosis. 

Hepatitis D (HDV) :

The HDV is peculiar to people who have been diagnosed with HBV. This is why the HBV vaccine is known to protect against HDV infections. 

Hepatitis E (HEV) :

The HEV like the HAV is mostly introduced into the body when a person consumes contaminated food or water. However, unlike the HAV, vaccines for HEV are not readily available

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