Watch What A Woman Did When She Saw Her US-Based Daughter For The First Time After 10 Years


A woman has been reportedly reacted in an unexpected way when she saw her daughter for the fist time after 10 years of seeing her last.


No one can understand the love that a mother has for her child except the woman in question. A mother can go extra mile to make unimaginable sacrifices just to make sure that the child or children is/ are safe.

It was not different for this woman Instablog9ja wrote a report about. Instablog9ja tagged the video thus, “Mother’s reaction to seeing her U.S-based daughter for the first time after 10 years”

The video reveals a middle aged woman who expressed surprise on her face after seeing her daughter. She fell on the ground when she could not hold her feeling of joy. She rolled on the ground shouting the shout of joy. Her facial expression connote that of a teary person but this time it was tears of joy.

The daughter who was surprised seeing her mom reacted that way went to where she laid and made attempt to hold her up but she insisted remaining on the floor. A little girl is revealed in the background of the video playing around.

It was really a nostalgic moment for the mother and the daughter.

View some of the pictures captured from the video below:


Click PLAY to watch the reaction of the mother.

May God bless and keep all mothers to enjoy the fruit of their labour.


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