Ways to keep your Brain young

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Swedish scientists have identified seven ways to slow down the aging of the brain. According to experts, this process is influenced by lifestyle, and small changes in daily life can help improve brain health.

As Magnus Lindwall, a professor of health psychology at the University of Gothenburg, explains, behavior affects the brain more as you age.

There are three types of stimulation that are generally beneficial to the brain: physical stimulation, cognitive stimulation, and social stimulation.

The first step to slowing down the aging process is to move more. There is ample evidence that a sedentary lifestyle increases inflammation in the body and increases the risk of developing dementia (mental retardation).

In addition, good and healthy sleep is important to prolong the life of the brain.


Choosing the right food also has a positive effect on the functioning of nerve cells and the brain's ability to form new cells. This includes lots of vegetables, berries, fruits, grains, nuts, citrus fruits, olive oil and fish, and you need to be careful not to gain weight.


Scientists emphasize the importance of good care of the intestinal microflora. 90% of the hormone serotonin, which is important for psychological health, is produced in this organ, and only 10% of it is produced in the brain. It is advisable to use more fiber and a variety of foods.


Good psychological mood has a positive effect on brain health. We are talking about a person's relationship with relatives, a person's active life activities, the meaning and purpose of life.


You always have to learn something new, because activities that require concentration and experience to get a good result stimulate the formation of new brain cells.

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