What is Dry Eye syndrome and how is it treated?

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People with dry eye syndrome, one of the most common diseases, usually complain of increased eye sensitivity, constant burning sensation, tearing and itching of the eyes.

The main cause of the syndrome is the gradual thinning of the cornea as a result of impaired tear secretion, and in some patients it disappears completely.

Because the tear layer is thin or non-existent, the cornea, the most sensitive layer of the eye, remains open. As a result, the nerve endings remain open, irritated, the patient's eyes become extremely anxious, and the eyes burn and live under the influence of external factors such as air and water.

Speaking about the causes of dry eye syndrome, ophthalmologist Gultekin Mammadova said: "One of the causes of the disease is uncontrolled and long-term use of drugs. These drugs include allergies, arrhythmias, antihypertensive and anti-depressant drugs. Oral contraceptives, In particular, long-term use of the same contraceptive can lead to dry eyes.


In addition, cooling and heating systems that reduce the humidity of the environment, not interrupting the viewing of computers and television, tension in the eye muscles and untimely blinking, the effects of urban air, dusty environment and cigarette smoke, use of contact lenses, eating disorders Decreased lipid intake and age-related sclerosis of the tear glands also cause dry eye syndrome.

As a result, patients experience burning, itching and foreign body sensation in the eyes. The most common symptoms of redness and transient visual disturbances pass after blinking several times. In the initial stage, as a compensatory reaction of the eye, the tear glands begin to secrete more fluid.

However, the poor quality of its composition does not eliminate dry eyes. Symptoms of conjunctivitis begin to appear in patients as a result of non-compliance with hygienic norms and frequent slapping of the hands on the eyes."


The ophthalmologist said: "According to the symptoms, the patient may suspect dry eye syndrome, but the final diagnosis is made only by certain tests by an ophthalmologist who examines it. determines the degree of damage to the cornea and conjunctiva.

The use of tear drops several times a day in the treatment of the disease helps to restore the tear film. The disappearance of disturbing symptoms in a very short time does not mean that the disease is cured. Treatment of the syndrome takes a long time, and first of all, the cause must be eliminated.

If the cause is a disease, it should be treated, and if it is the result of the use of any drug, the drug should be discontinued. When the eye's potential is overused, it should be rested. It is recommended to use tear drops regularly. It is also advisable to use antiseptic and aseptic drops prophylactically."

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