Why Diabetes Patients Should Avoid Eating Garden Egg Fruit Excessively


Diabetes is one of the most common illnesses in Nigeria. The disease is characterized by a high level of sugar in the blood. Diabetes can be genetic or induced; however, irrespective of its form, it has proved to be one of the most notorious diseases that mankind has ever experienced.


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Many diabetes patients in Africa and Nigeria may have been advised to avoid sugary foods and consume more of vegetables, so that their blood sugar level would not increase. Garden Egg, a fruit peculiar to West Africa, is one of such items that may have been recommended to Diabetics in Nigeria.

The usefulness of Garden Egg cannot be overemphasized. It actually helps reduce the blood sugar level, making it apparently ideal for diabetics.


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However, many do not know that a low blood sugar level is quite more harmful than high blood sugar level. In fact, the condition termed "Hypoglycemia" is one that can result in fainting or sudden death if it is not properly handled.

So, if a Diabetic consumes more of Garden Egg without being warned about its consequences when consumed in excess, the blood sugar level of that person could drop to dangerously low figures that could lead to unfavorable body conditions.


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Diabetics should consume garden eggs, however, they should do so only when advised by a medical practitioner. Also, they should be advised on the healthy quantity of garden eggs that they can consume without any complications.

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