"Why people in Rivers State are being vaccinated without giving a card" – Joseph Urang

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Covid-19 vaccination in Rivers State has been happening in an unusual way as officials have run out of vaccination seals that were included with the Covid-19 vaccination cards in the oil-rich state. 

According to what Joseph Urang, the State Immunizarion Officer, told BBC Pidgin, 40,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine were given out. But an extra 10,000 doses were given without issuing a certificate to prove that the person had taken it. 

Dr. Joseph Urang explained that it was what made them to stop giving vaccination cards because the seals finished. "We were given seals for 40,000 and we have vaccinated like 50,000 and we are still vaccinating people, so you see where there is a shortage," Dr. Joseph Urang said.

This just means that the extra 10,000 people that collected the Moderna vaccine in Rivers State, don't have proof to show. They also gave the Astrazeneca vaccine to people. But they gave a strict warning for people not to mix the vaccine but to wait to complete the vaccine.


As everyone knows, the Covid-19 vaccination card or certificate is part of the requirements you can show to authorities that you have taken the vaccine. And without the card, it will be difficult to prove to authorities that you have taken the coronavirus vaccine to protect yourself against the virus. As you stay safe and positive, what will be your opinion concerning what is happening in Rivers State?

Credit Source: BBC Pidgin

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