Zo Morese – “Moumita’s Moment” Song + Lyrics

Zo Morese is looking to bring some good vibes to the country during these trying times. His latest single “Moumita’s Moment” pays homage to Moumita Ahmed, who recently lost her bid in City Council District 24 primary race. Although the loss was tough for her camp, the single still inspires hope and positivity.

It’s refreshing to hear Zo Morese rap with explicit language, and the smooth old-school instrumental will make you drift off and reminisce about a better time. The visuals for the project feature children in New York, quicks shots of city streets, and of course Zo Morese doing his thing. If you’re looking for some positive and uplifting tunes to bump this summer, “Moumita’s Moment” is it.
Quotable Lyrics
The greatest failure always comes b4 the greatest success
The only way to level up is by taking the steps
So up up away we go
You’re never too old to set a brand new goal
There’s something inside of you greater than any obstacle
Sometimes we worry but trust me nothings impossible

Source: HNHH


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